Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st August

Join us for a festive mountain biking weekend on the Zululand Rhino Reserve, home to the BIG 5!!

Entries & options

Covering 70kms over the two days through Zulualnds pristine bushveld You will, breath taking views, magnificent scenery & wildlife up close and personal. A secure camping village is set up for the weekend with exquisite authentic bush cuisine prepared for you under the night’s sky. A great chance for you and the family to get out & enjoy the beauty of nature while doing your bit for Rhino Conservation.

The 2013 ride proved a great success with a total of R195 000 being raised for the Zululand RHINO Reserve foundation.  Many thanks to all those that participated in the 2013 event and helped us in raising these very important funds.

Funds raised from the 2013 event have been used on the following

  • The continued monitoring and research of our Rhino, which is an important part of their ongoing protection.
  •  We continue to pay the operating costs and salary of Mfundise, one of our very important Rhino monitors on the reserve
  • Sponsoring of ongoing Rhino darts where Ear notching & electronic identification is carried out.
  • The funding of a number of security exercises which have been instrumental in maintaining our clean sheet of Rhino Poaching on the ZRR.
  • A portion of the money raised is also being used in the funding of the final year of a young African student, S’bonelo in his Nature Conservation Diploma.

ONE THOUSAND AND FOUR Rhinos were found poached in 2013, which is over a 300% increase since 2010. By entering our race you are assisting the ZRR in the fight against Rhino poaching, to date we have not yet lost a Rhino to poaching – help us to keep it this way and to keep our Rhinos Safe.

The Zululand RHINO Reserve Foundations Rhino Ride is held on the magnificent Zululand Rhino Reserve (ZRR), a 23 000 hectare proclaimed private nature reserve, home to over 70 mammal species including Africa’s BIG 5.

The 21st century brings with it a scourge of poaching, especially threatening our magnificent Rhino. The situation to date is so severe that an increasing number of privately owned game reserves are disposing of their Rhino, as they are considered too much of a risk in relation to the rising security costs of protecting these animals. Protected, favourable habitat for these splendid creatures is at a premium, and as we are fortunate enough to have this at their disposal we are dedicated to expanding this, their range & their population.

All proceeds from our ride go directly into the Zululand RHINO Reserve Foundation.

- EVERY contribution made towards this foundation WILL make a difference to the lives of individuals & animals alike -


“Committed to the conservation of endangered species whilst establishing, maintaining and supporting partnerships with neighbouring Zulu communities”

Many thanks to Grindrod Bank for their continued support as lead sponsor

Grindrod Bank

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