Route Map

Saturday 26th August 2017 – 40km

Day 1 MapDay 1 POI 1

Point of Interest 1: 7.5 kms in and you have just arrived at one of the main attractions of the rhino ride , the winding trails along the Msunduze river under the canopies of shade providing fig trees. Offering a few kilometers of easy cycling before the ascent towards water table number 1, beware, the soft sand invites many near falls.

Day 1 POI 2

Point of Interest 2: Now 18.5kms in you will have begun to feel the signs of fatigue after riding through sloping hills and single track paths with the sun now bright and hot in the sky, luckily you have just arrived at breakfast! Be prepared for hot bacon and egg rolls and a short rest before beginning the toughest part of the ride. The tall hills to the west are your destination so eat hearty!

Day 1 POI 3

Point of Interest 3: 29 kms in after conquering the toughest section of the ride, you are rewarded with a vista of hills from your high vantage point. Take a drink at the water table and enjoy the view while you wait for the remainder of your group who are huffing and puffing their way up to you. What goes up must come down and the long steep coast down the hill is a great way to enter the final quarter of the ride.

Sunday 27th August 2017 – 30km

Day 2 Map

Day 2 POI 1.jpg

Point of Interest 1: 10 kms into day 2, the more relaxed, game viewing orientated route, you might find a reason to work up a sweat. Our lions are very fond of the cool sand in the river so beware and keep your eyes peeled for twitching ears and flicking tails. Don’t worry too much though since our armed rangers are always close by and on guard. Beware of the tricky river crossing and cycle slowly around the waterhole – the smell of bacon should motivate you as the breakfast table is not far!